Credit Collections Services

Our team offers third-party debt collection services for business owners whose customers are not paying their bills. Using the most modern tools available, our credit collections team is highly successful at recovering outstanding debts.

Jana Ferrell has extensive experience in all types of non-medical debt collections, including utility collections, retail credit collections, pharmacy, home service providers, veterinarians and other professionals.

Benefits of hiring our professional credit collections company

  • We offer our clients professionally trained, experienced credit collections staff
  • A first-class customer service department
  • Fully automated system
  • Highly respected, proven reputation
  • A high rate of return
  • Competitive and fair fees

Credit Collections ServicesWe make our living collecting outstanding business to business debt. In doing so, we follow all local and federal regulations to a “T” to ensure our interaction with your customers adhere to the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We also know the laws and the most successful collection techniques available today so we are able to be highly effective and efficient.

Why hire a collection agency?

Late payments can tax your business. Increasing your staff just to manage delinquent accounts receivables can put a bite into your bottom line. Dealing with debtors can be frustrating, slow and mentally taxing as well. It can drain your resources. Our services are required when a debt has become significantly delinquent and it is no longer profitable for you to spend your resources trying to collect.

Our professional collectors specialize in aged accounts and utilize skip tracing to access several national databases to locate your debtors. Our team is trained in the latest collection techniques and do their homework before they reach out to your debtor. This makes debt collections more efficient and effective.

Improve your chances of getting paid

Good agencies know how to collect. That’s why we get results. We are familiar with business to business debt issues and can advise you on the best collection process for your accounts. We’ve seen it all in our extensive experience in the credit collections arena and have a vast array of negotiating tools and strategies to draw from.

Legal Assistance

Your collections team will work closely with local attorneys who provide legal action if necessary. No need to hire your own lawyer, we take care of it all. Best of all, we know what to do to collect outstanding debts for your company and turn those deficits into assets again.

Remember, statistics show the longer a debt is owned, the less likely it is to be collected. Call us today.

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