What should I look for when choosing an agency?

  • Collections Experience
  • Process
  • Ability to Collect Collections Debt Through Legal Process
  • Liquidation Rates
  • Reporting to Clients
  • Professionalism
  • Rates Being Charged
  • Laws, Rules & Regulations to Be Followed By Agency
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Software and Technology
  1. How is the collection agency being paid?

    Some agencies will charge a flat fee, which does not give them much incentive to finish the task. Other agencies will get paid on contingency/commission basis. This promotes more effort since the agency does not get paid until the money is collected and the task is completed.

  2. Will the agency file a lawsuit upon refusal to pay?

    Unless the agency that you choose conducts an asset investigation of the debtor, you will not know if the debtor is “suit worthy” (*). The recommendation to bring a suit based upon the “suit worthiness” of the debtor adds more likelihood that a judgment against the debtor may be collected.

  3. How does the client submit accounts?

    Some agencies do not have the ability to receive larger batches of accounts electronically. Be sure to ask the agency whether they can receive your accounts electronically. This will increase the efficiency since the agency will not have to manually input each account into a database if received by a hard copy and also helps eliminate mistakes in the loading process.

  4. Why should I choose Jana Ferrell as my collection agency?

    Ask this question to the agency. Find out what actually separates them from their competitors. Ask for references and spend one or two phone calls to their existing clients listed in order to get an idea if the agency is right for you.

*Suit Worthy: When a collection agency has determined that the debtor is employed and his/her salary can be garnished and/or that the debtor owns assets with equity upon which execution can be issued to satisfy a judgment. A client should always control whether a lawsuit is instigated against a debtor.

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