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Do you own a company in Kansas that needs commercial collection services? Do you work with the city utilities department? Are you a medical organization needing help managing your overdue accounts? Are you ready to start getting paid what you are owed? We will help.

We have a huge success rate, especially on aged accounts, and have a history of recovering accounts receivables for our clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a medical office in downtown or an electrical company in the suburbs, we can help turn outstanding unpaid debts from your clients into active income. We are the best debt collection agency in Kansas.

We’re proud to serve the businesses in Kansas and have expanded to include a greater variety of health service professionals, medical companies, information technology and administrative companies throughout Kansas. 

Jana Ferrell & Associates’ experience includes collections for a wide variety of enterprises ranging from city utilities and Fortune 500 companies to small business collections. We are proud to serve companies of all sizes. This allows us to be superior in our collection services to large and small businesses in the great state of Kansas.

We have calibrated the process and designed a systematic method of debt collection for our customers. Our strategy makes our success rate exceptional. If you are ready to solve your debt collection problems, the recovery team at Jana Ferrell & Associates will help you.

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Our offices are located in central Oklahoma City but we provide debt collection for businesses in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. Our staff of experienced credit specialists are focused on effective, efficient debt collection regardless of which state you’re in. Our recovery department can work on large commercial claims or individual debt recovery for small businesses and get the job done.

We carefully select our debt collection agents to ensure we have the best. They are highly trained and successful at collecting what is owed to our clients. We will keep you updated on the progress of each account and you can always speak with your collections team if you have questions.

Custom Debt Collection Strategy

We will design a custom debt recovery plan that will meet the needs of your business.

We will deliver exceptional service with absolute integrity and dedicated attention to professional, competent, unsurpassed revenue recovery. Request a quote or call today to put the momentum of Jana Ferrel & Associates’ debt collection agency team to work for your company.

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“Jana Ferrell & Associates has been doing collections for the hospital since November 2002 . . . I can’t think of one time that a customer has complained about the treatment they received. The work is always done in a courteous and professional manner. I would highly recommend Jana Ferrell & Associates for any collection needs and services.”

– Brent Meyers, Administrator

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a medical office in a small city in Kansas or an electrical company in the largest cities in Kansas, we can help turn your outstanding outstanding debts from your clients into active income.

We know the collections laws in your state.

Debt Recovery Experts

We have decades of experience in debt collection for small business on up to large corporations. We work with executives and business owners from a variety of industries and have gained insight into the most effective and legal means to get your money.

Our team of debt collection agents are highly trained in the latest technologies required for efficient and effective debt recovery. Because we have extensive experience and knowledge of business collections in Oklahoma, we have great success in small business collections as well as large claims collections.

All our collectors act on your behalf in a professional and legal manner. We daily represent clients in the medical, distribution, financial, service, manufacturing and credit services industries.

Regulations for Kansas Collection Agencies

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) are federal laws providing limitations on what debt collectors can do. It also covers how debt collection is reported on credit reports and works in conjunction with our local Kansas Collection regulations. Every collection agency in Kansas must adhere to these requirements.

We adhere strictly to the guidelines outlined in both local and federal laws and do not use abusive, unfair or deceptive practices to collect any debts.These regulations do cover the collection of:

  • Mortgages
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Debts
  • Other debts for personal, household or family purposes.

Please note: the FDCPA does not cover business debts or generally cover collection by the original creditor to whom the debtor originally became indebted. Consumers and debt covered under this act exclude commercial debts. However, we are familiar with the laws for collecting commercial debt and are effective at doing so.

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The Restrictions We Have to Follow

Federal guidelines in regards to:

  • Time and place
  • Harassment-free collections
  • Representation by attorney


We are required to contact debtors between specific hours, typically not before 8 am or after 9 pm. There are also specific guidelines about where we can contact people.


The laws are specific about restricting and defining harassment. We work very diligently to maintain a professional and effective collection routine while respecting the law.

debt collection attorneys


There are guidelines that dictate how to collect from a debtor who is represented by an attorney. We work with other professionals to collect to the full extent of the law. We’re accustomed to working with attorneys and know the ropes of collections through the legal system. We also work in tandem with our own legal counsel to ensure all our collections agents, policies and strategies are above board.

Contact us today and we will design a custom recovery plan that will effectively work for your business. We will deliver exceptional service with absolute integrity and dedicated attention to professional, competent, unsurpassed revenue recovery. Call today and put the momentum of Jana Ferrell & Associates’ debt collection team to work for your company.


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